Tasty & Healthy Organic Vegetarian Food in Singapore

Some time ago, after my recent bout of illnesses (see my posts on TCM vs. Western Medicine and TCM Triumphs Again), I had the good fortune to enjoy tasty and healthy vegetarian organic food again, with my taste buds intact and my appetite coming back.

I was really hungry when I dropped in one day on Nutrihub (46 Temple Street, Chinatown), opened by Ms. Vanitha Ang who used to be a nurse and was inspired through nursing her parents battling with their serious illnesses to open an organic eatery and promote healthy vegetarian diet through education.

I ordered their special meal for the day, which happens to be Curry with Brown Rice set. Perhaps my hunger had to do with it, but the curry that was served to me was almost to die for.

It was delightfully delicious. Not too heavy and spicy. I felt that it had a homemade taste. And I suspect that even for non-vegetarian curry, one can seldom find such a curry that is light and tasty at the same time. Not to mention that it is healthy too. I overheard Vanitha telling another customer that she used soy milk instead of coconut milk to cook the curry. No wonder it tasted different and light.

It was a very satisfying meal. If you have not been to Nutrihub before, do check out their small cafe at Chinatown. For the culinary inclined, Nutrihub offers cooking classes too, even customized ones.

You must try their veggie sushi, avocado shake (with chia seeds too!) and of course the Curry with Brown Rice set, if they do have that day.

Then on a different day, I went to New Green Pasture Cafe at Fortune Centre, #04-22. I have been here quite a few times, and I always like their soup (self-serving, free if you order a meal set, otherwise just donate a dollar to the Vegetarian Society). The soup is always packed with so much homely taste that just sets you at ease.

I ordered their Zha Jiang Mian, which is essentially dried noodles with sauce. It was quite a big serving, with generous portions of veggies too. Noodles were slurpy and sauce was nice! It certainly satisfied my hunger and taste bud. Just before I left, I noticed that they serve vegetarian Bi Bim Bap too! I definitely got to try that some day!