The World’s Healthiest Foods Recipes


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I discovered quite a gem while looking up the nutrients of lentils* over the internet!

The World’s Healthiest Foods site is started by┬áThe George Mateljan Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation. The site contains many useful articles & information, including recipes relating to health and food.

What I like most is the over 100 quick and easy recipes they posted (cooking times of 30 minutes or less). Not only are the recipes healthy, what makes it different from most recipe sites is that they have a Recipe Assistant where you can select multiple foods to include and/or exclude as well as nutrients required, and voila! The right recipe recommendation pops up for you!

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Also, what is sweet and really useful is when you are browsing a recipe, there will be highlighted ingredients that when you click on, it shows you additional information on that ingredients, like how to make broth, and how to cut and prepare tomatoes, carrots etc. Very useful!

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*Lentils are legumes that are great cholesterol-lowering fibre foods. They have beneficial effects on the digestive system and heart, and also help to stabilise bood sugar. They also provide iron for energy (good for children, adolescent, pregnant and lactating women).