Homemade Sprouted Raw Almond Butter

This is an embedded video mentioned in our previous blog post on how you can sprout your own nuts at home, dehydrate them and blend them into delicious nut butters. Do not be over-zelaous in your blending as high heat will destroy the enzymes and nutrients in the butters.

What Are Sprouted Nuts & Why Sprouting is Good


“I seek out traditional whole foods rather than highly refined meat substitutes. I look for  products that have been sprouted, soaked, or fermented to help break down the indigestible cellulose in plant cell walls.”

– Ultra-marathoner, Scott Jurek, in his book “Eat & Run”

We have often been asked what is the difference between the normal nut butter that we sell and the sprouted nut butter, which we also have.

Well, I am sure most of us have had the experience of sprouting mung beans before. Sprouting of nuts really means about the same thing. The nuts are soaked for some time (usually 24 hours) causing them to begin to germinate, before they are slowly dried at low temperature. Low temperature food processing of not more than 40-46 degrees celsius is considered ideal (hence what we call “raw food”) as high heat will kill the enzymes and nutrition that is beneficial to us.

Though more time-consuming, sprouting makes nuts more digestible, as the process destroys the enzyme inhibitors, allowing the body’s natural enzymes to digest the nuts more easily.

Sprouting and slow dehydration also releases the full nutritional content of the nuts and makes the nuts crunchier. Also, because of the digestibility of sprouted nuts, these nuts are suitable for people with nut allergies.

I have found a video that illustrates how you can make your own raw sprouted almond butter at home. You will need a good blender, a dehydrator and above all, patience and a good deal of time.

In the video above, you will notice that the resulting nut butter is not exactly smooth. Rawmio & Dastony stone ground raw nut butters achieved their lusciously smooth texture by grinding them in stone grinders, which ensures not only a silky smooth texture, but also that the grinding process does not get too heated such that nutrients and enzymes are lost.

Here’s another video showing how you can stone grind your nuts (best sprouted beforehand) at home using a stone grinder. Again, you will need some patience and time, but you can get raw stone ground nut butters adjusted to your own palate.

If you don’t wish to get a dehydrator and a stone grinder and spend the time, but still want to get to savour raw organic vegan stone ground nut butters, you can purchase them straight from our store www.BGOecoshop.com.

Nutrihub Healthy Living Culinary Workshop

CNY is just round the corner. If you have been looking towards learning to bake yummy cookies or even to make Yu Sheng, why not learn to make healthy raw food version?!

Nutrihub announced their Jan 2013 Culinary Art Workshop. Remember, BGO friends get to enjoy 15% discount – just mention Chewy or BGO Ecoshop.

NutriHub Culinary Art-  CNY Jan 2013 Workshops by Vinitha Ang


Takeaway from NutriHub Nutri™ Vegan Thai Cuisine Class

A group of 7 of us attended Teacher Vinitha’s Nutri™ Vegan Thai Cuisine Class on Sat 24 Nov 2012. We were introduced a total of 4 dishes – Vegetarian Curry, Vegan Pad Thai, Tofu Green Curry and Basil Olive Brown Rice.


I have had the chance to taste NutriHub’s vegetarian curry once before at their previous cafe at Chinatown and was so satiated by it that I wrote a post on it.

This time round, Vinitha used cashew nut milk instead of soy milk to make the curry. Traditionally coconut milk is used to make curries, but coconut milk has high saturated fat content, so soy milk and nut milk are much healthier alternatives.

The vegetarian curry turns out as good as the last time I tasted it. Home-made goodness!


Our next dish is vegan Pad Thai using organic rice noodles. Look how beautiful the noodles turned out to be! The taste and smell of lemon grass and kaffir lime leaves are sublime.

Some sprouted beans are served on top as garnish. These beans were sprouted by Vinitha and they tasted really crunchy! Vinitha said we should cut and eat the sprouts while they are young and not wait till the leaves appear. I have mentioned briefly in my previous blog on why sprouting nuts and seeds and even grains is good for us. I will explore in another blog in more detail about sprouting.




Next, we learn to make Tofu Green Curry and Basil Olive Brown Rice.



Vinitha likes to use organic sunflower oil and organic grape seed oil in her cooking as these oils are lighter. I also learned that it is best to soak rice ( be it brown rice or conventional rice) before we  cook them, to remove the acids and possible arsenic elements. Also, to make our rice even mroe delicious, we can put some rock salt or sea salt, as well as some oil into our rice before we cook them.

Lastly, all of us get to pack some of the yummy food back to enjoy with our families.


I will be back for the next couple of lessons (8th & 15th Dec), which are on vegan baking. I also got to know that there will be additional NutriRaw™ Vegan Raw Asian Cuisine (Vegan Rojak!) class on the 22nd Dec. Please refer to NutriHub’s blog for more details. Remember, BGO Ecoshop’s friends get to enjoy 10% discount when you sign up!

Healthy Living Culinary Workshops


Teacher Vinitha Ang from Nutrihub Culinary Art has announced her upcoming classes:

Join Chewy in experiencing her healthy culinary classes!

24th Nov 2012 (Sat), 1:30 – 5 pm – NutriMeal™ Vegan Thai Cuisine

1. Tofu Green Curry

2. Pad Thai (no egg/seafood)

3. Basil Olive Brown Rice

4. Vegetarian Curry (no mock food)

$78 inclusive of demo + sampling / take home some dishes, full recipes & ingredients cost.

8 Dec 2012 (Sat), 1:30 – 6:30pm – NutriBake™ Vegan Bake for X’mas Treat

1. Christmas Vegan Log Cake

2. Pandan Macaroon (no artificial coloring)

3. Portobello Mushroom Pizza with homemade tomato paste

4. Brazil Nut Milk

$98 inclusive of demo + hands on, sampling + take home some, full recipes & ingredients cost.

15 Dec 2012 (Sat), 1:30 – 6:30 pm – NutriRaw™ Vegan Raw Cuisine – “X’mas Go Raw”

1. Christmas Vegan Cupcake

2. Homemade Raw Chocolate

3. Not Tuna Zucchina Salad

4. Raw Vegan Gelato

$98 inclusive of demo + hands on, sampling + take home some, full recipes & ingredients cost.

Nutrihub Culinary Art uses organic/natural ingredients for all their classes.

Special Christmas Promotion !

10% discount for those who registered for 2 classes or registered with friends or for NutriHub’s privilege customers / students. 

You can find out more information from http://www.nutrihub.blogspot.sg

Hurry up and book a class with Vinitha before spaces run out!

About Teacher Vinitha Ang

Ms Vinitha Ang Siew Teen is a Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience in nursing & allied health care profession. She is also trained in nutrition & psychology with a master degree in health care management. Having nursed her parents thru’ their battle with cancer, she decided to change her diet & lifestyle in 2004.

With her personal experience and her passion to help more people to lead a healthier life, she started to enrich her knowledge in nutrition & psychology in 2004. Over these few years, she has developed the Holistic Approach for Cancer Nutritional Support which she has shared & helped her relatives, friends & customers. She also provides nutrition assessment and guidance for customers in weight management, disease management and detox program.

Besides conducting Nutri courses, Vinitha also customises and conducts group culinary lessons. Gather a few friends and learn from Teacher Vinitha how to cook healthy raw vegan food!