Green Cleaners Products Giveaway!

*Exclusively for BGO customers*
Be the first 10 customers to answer this simple quiz and win your preferred Green Cleaners’ product (choose one out of a range of 6 cleaners – Bathroom & Shower, Dishwasher, All-Purpose, Toilet Bowl, Window & Glass, Wood Furniture.
How to win a Green Cleaners cleaning product
1. Reply to this email with the correct answer to the following question:
‘Simply Her’ magazine (JAN 2011) independent consumer road test rated Green Cleaners as the best amongst 5 selected eco-friendly home cleaning products. True or Flase?
2. Email reply is to reach by 2 Sept 2013 (Mon) 12pm.
3. Indicate in your reply your preferred cleaning option – Bathroom & Shower, Dishwasher, All-Purpose, Toilet Bowl, Window & Glass or Wood Furniture.
4. First 10 respondents with the correct answer will receive a Green Cleaner cleaning product delivered to them. Please indicate your preferred delivery date and  time slot (A. Before 12pm     B. 12-5pm    C. 5-8pm)
Note: For verification purpose, winners agree to have their particulars (name and email) disclosed to Green Cleaners, the sponsor for this contest.
Hurry and win one of these eco cleaning products!

Green Cleaners Non-toxic Concentrate Cleaning Products


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BGO Ecoshop ( now stocks Green Cleaners cleaning products that meet all cleaning needs of every home!

Green Cleaners’ products are respectful to the aquatic life, meet strict biodegradability standards and reduce packaging with their revolutionary concentrate concept.

Why buy concentrate? SAVE, SAVE, SAVE!

Green Cleaners’ ultra-concentrate formula will make more than 5 litres of diluted product. This means they can reduce their packaging, transportation footprint and plastic usage, whilst you save $$$$’s with cost effective cleaning solutions!

Now there’s no need to ever have harmful cleaning products in your home again! Feel great and make the change.

Get the Green Master Kit that comes with 6 concentrate cleaners + 6 dilution bottles for great convenience and savings!