Raw Wild Pine Pollen – Anti-aging phyto-androgen

ImagePine Pollen is nature’s most potent food—the ultimate superfood—containing a full spectrum of nutrients with specific anti-aging compounds. Pine Pollen is also the most potent source of phyto-androgen available, nourishing your body like no other food or supplement can, while restoring optimum hormone levels. Eliminate your need for supplements—the health benefits of Pine Pollen are unsurpassed and unparalleled, you will be amazed.

The health benefits of Pine Pollen include:
• Promotes longevity with specific anti-aging compounds;
• Dramatically improves your vitality and stamina;
• Raises low testosterone in men;
• Increase male fertility by raising sperm count;
• Combats and reverses the effects of Andropause;
• Balances the Estrogen to Testosterone ratio in Women and Men;
• Increases energy unlike any other food or supplement can;
• Improves muscle tone;
• Eliminates sexual dysfunction due to low androgen levels;
• Aids in weight management and promotes weight loss;
• Improves overall health, greatly promoting immune function;
• Easier and quicker time getting back into shape;
• Gentle daily cellular detoxification;
• Burns off brain fog and increases attention span and brain function;
• Improves skin elasticity (anti-aging);
• Clears acne;
• Dissolves and removes age spots on skin and in the body.

Only a food containing such potent doses of so many nutrients can so thoroughly improve your health. Only Raw Pine Pollen contains such potent nutrients.

Raw Pine Pollen is by far the post potent form of Pine Pollen, and is the product recommended to everyone. In the raw form, all of the vitamins, minerals, and the phyto-nutrients like MSM, SOD, the phyto-androgens (Androstenedione, Testosterone, Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA), & Androsterone) and the living enzymes and co-enzymes, stay intact. Because Pine Pollen works synergistically, consuming the pure, raw powder delivers the most profound health benefits and effects.

RawGuru’s Raw Wild Pine Pollen is over 99% digestible, ensuring that you absorb and experience all the health benefits of Pine Pollen. In comparison, bee pollen is estimated at 5% digestibility.

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