Teething Bling® – Beautiful for Mums, Safe for Babies

We all know how much babies love to grab and chew. For that reason, most moms don’t wear jewelry when their children are young. Teething Bling® is changing that!

Made from the same material as many teething toys, Teething Bling® looks great on Moms, Grandmas, Aunts and Caregivers but is safe for curious babies to handle and chew.

Teething Bling® products are non-toxic, phthalate, BPA, PVC and lead free and all pendants come with a breakaway clasp. Celebrity moms love it and so will you!

We are sure mums will have their favourites among the numerous choices of pendants and bangles we have!

Available now at www.bgoecoshop.com.

Ring Pendants

Shimmer Pendants

Metallic Pendants

Triangle Pendants

Patterned Pendants

Signature Pendants

Gift Sets


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