Organic Cotton Pillow & Bolster Cases


We made extra pillow cases for one of our BGO customers who had received a pillow ordered from BGO Ecoshop as part of her newborn gift basket. The BGO pillow is made of organic cotton/bamboo cloth and stuffed with raw organic cotton. The customer’s baby will not part with her pillow which is in need of a good washing. Babies and children love our pillows and bolsters because our pillow cases and bolster cases are made out of soft and environmentally friendly fabrics such as organic cotton and bamboo.

We have run out of organic cotton fillings but will look for alternative eco healthy fillings suitable for newborns.


Do you have a favourite pillow or bolster that needs a new eco cover? Email us your dimensions and we can sew up a cover for you using our Natural (beige) organic cotton fabrics from our organic tees. We also have organic bamboo fabrics in Pink and Blue for your selection.

Email us at:  bgosingapore[at]gmail[dot]com

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