New Chia Brand – The Chia Co.

We are bringing in Australian grown Chia seeds from The Chia Co.

500g Chia Seeds (black) as well as 10 x 8g Chia Shots (Black).

The Chia Co. grows Chia exactly 15 degrees from the equator to ensure the right day length and climate to achieve the perfect nutritional profile. We grow Chia in a dry season and water with gravity fed irrigation. This is an all natural watering system does not use pumps or fuels resulting in a reduction in the environmental footprint.

Why is it good for me?

Chia is nature’s complete superfood containing Omega 3 ALA, fibre and essential vitamins and minerals. Chia should be included in your diet –for overall health and wellbeing. Chia is Gluten free; promotes heart health; supports joint and mobility function and aids a healthy digestive system.

How do I include it in my daily diet?

Chia is easy to include in your everyday diet as it tastes great. Sprinkle raw on food; such as breakfast cereals, salads and soups. Mix with water to form a thick gel and blend into smoothies and drinks. Add to bread and muffin recipes. Black and white seeds have the same nutritional values – it is up to you whether you would like to see it in your food!

Enjoy discounts when you purchase pack deals. Free shipping in Singapore for orders above $50. Get your superfoods now at!


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