Seaweed Deposit at Pasir Ris Park

My family went camping at Pasir Ris Area 1 last weekend and we were greeted by a strong grassy smell. We immediately realised it came from a large deposit of seaweed at the beach.

The smell was very strong. We are also concerned about the ecological balance at Pasir Ris beach. We wondered if this is a normal situation and is it okay to let the seaweed accumulate at the coast?

I sent an email inquiry to NParks and while waiting for their answer, I also did some googling on the internet. It seems that besides diminishing beach goers’ pleasure by its smell and sight, seaweed deposits at beaches are quite normal. In fact, after seeing this site (What Things Can Be Made From Seaweed), I should have taken a handful of seaweed home as fertilisers for my plants!

If you are quite sure you can wash the seaweeds cleanly, you can even try the seaweed face mask suggestion!


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