Pet Food Donation Drive 2012

Are you running out of pet food for your lovable pets? From now until 30 April 2012, when you buy certain brands of pet food from Pets’ Station, Pets’ Station will match every purchase one-for-one and donate to Noah’s Ark CARES.
Noah’s Ark houses rescued animals including 600 dogs, 300 cats, 4 horses, 1 pony a hutch of rabbits and 2 monkeys … you can imagine the quantity of food needed each day to maintain a quality life for the animals.

For this drive, Pets’ Station will be offering a total of 11 items that supporters can choose to purchase during this period. They are:

To make your food donation, you can:

1. Go online to to view the items available and select the food you want to donate accordingly, or

2. Go to any of their 8 outlets which are located at Causeway Point, Compass Point, Holland Village, Jurong Point, Tampines Central 1, Serangoon North and Changi City Point.

The donated food will be stored at Pets Stations’ warehouse and volunteers will arrange to collect the food items and bring them to Noah’s Ark.

How much food is needed to feed 1,000 animals at the Noah’s Ark animal sanctuary: 

Dog Dry Food – 17 bags a day or 306kg a day
Dog Tin Food – 1 carton a day or 700gm x 24 cans = 16.8kg
Cat Dry Food – 1 bag a day or 23kg a day
Cat Tin Food – 10 cans a day or 400gm x 10 cans = 4kg
Cat Litter – S$1,200/- a month

This donation food drive is held only during this month. Do tell your friends about it and help feed the rescued animals!

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