Vegetarian & Organic – Bi Bim Bap & Salty Biscuits with Hibiscus Tea

I had the chance to drop by local vegetarian haven Fortune Centre recently and remembered to try the Vegetarian Bi Bim Bap at New Green Pasture Cafe I had mentioned in my previous bog post Tasty & Healthy Organic Vegetarian Food in Singapore.

Brown rice was used and it came piping hot in a clay pot. I was nicely surprised to see so many ingredients that went into my Bi Bim Bap. There were mushrooms, vegetarian eggs, fish pieces, seaweeds, sprouts, sliced radish … and I seemed to taste ground peanuts as well in the rice.

It was well-cooked, tasty and the portion was definitely filling. The serving was quite big so I decided to forgo ordering dessert.

Before I went into New Green Pasture Cafe however, I spotted a signage that pointed to Tian Yuan Healthy Vegetarian Food Paradise (田园健康素食品). The shop is not visible from the escalator, so thank goodness for the sign.  It seems the shop also serves food, but I think they really does retail as they stock all sorts of vegetarian items.

I bought a box of Wholemeal Salty Peacake (全麦豆沙饼)at less than $5.00 for ten pieces. They were really yummy! Not too sweet nor salty. According to the box, all the ingredients used are organic, which includes wholemeal flour, mung bean, sunflower oil, cane sugar, sesame and French seasalt. Filter water is used instead of normal unfiltered water.

I took my peacakes with Organic Hibiscus Flowers Tea which I had bought from Yes Natural.

Hibiscus flowers contain high Vitamin C and helps to relieve cold and dissolves phlegm. It is also good for the heart and blood circulation, lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol level.

The tea turns bright red once hot water is poured onto the tea leaves and it has a slight sourish refreshing taste, which goes well with the salty peacakes!


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