TCM Triumphs Again!

Recently, I experienced a pain in my stomach and in my right abdomen. It was quite bad such that I couldn’t concentrate on doing anything. I called up a few TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinics that I know, but alas, it was a Sunday and the clinics were either closed or the practitioners were off duty.

Out of desperation, I visited a Western clinic near my place and after examination, the doctor said I seemed to be suffering from gastric problems and prescribed medication which reduces the acid in the stomach. I was to stay away from spicy and sour stuff as well as caffeine.

After taking 3 capsules however, I still didn’t feel any better by the next day. I was disappointed as I always assumed Western medication can provide a quick fix solution.

So I went to see the TCM practitioner I often visit. Caffeine, it seems was okay with the TCM medication prescribed to me, but I was to stay away from spicy and sour stuff, as well as cold food and drinks. I got to watch myself eating fruits straight from the fridge, but the caffeine green light delighted me.

According to the TCM practitioner, my liver is imbalanced (which explains the pain in my right abdomen) and that might lead to gastric problems. Liver is our body’s detox machine and produces biochemicals responsible for digestion. The imbalance in my liver is the reason why I felt bloated and suffered from indigestion.

After a couple of days purely on TCM medication, I felt better than when I was on Western medication, though again I was disappointed that the effect wasn’t quite immediate. By the 5th day however, I was up and running and the pain was gone.

TCM is the winner!

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