Healthy Vegan Yusheng at Bamboo House (Hougang)

The Lee family had a sumptuous Yusheng and dinner at new vegetarian cafe Bamboo House – Blk 121 Hougang Ave 1 (off Lorong Ah Soo), #01-1348 Singapore 63882100.

Bamboo House is new on the radar (opened for just 1.5 months) and the menu selection may not be great. However, the few dishes we ordered other than Yusheng (under the recommendations of one of the owners Kee Yew of The Veg School) were tasty and filling.

The first dish we had was vegetarian Yusheng, which is refreshingly different from normal Yusheng which typically has a lot of colourings. The homemade sauce (made of cashew nuts, lime, orange etc) added zest to the beautiful dish.

Next, we had Golden Rice which was just nice to my taste. People who prefer heavier taste in their food might find it a little bland.

Then we also had the Millet and Quinoa Mixed Porridge, which was…yummy! Real comfort food that adults and children will like.

The next dish happened to be our 2.5 year old’s favourite – Miso Ramen. The soup was absolutely delicious! The soup looked milky and tasted like the soup in Fish Head Beehoon.

The other noodle item we had was Sesame Soba. This is a dry dish and is also loved by all adults and our young child at the table. I personally prefer a little olive to moist it a bit, but that’s just my preference.

At the end of the meal, we also had desserts – Green Bean soup, Red Bean soup and Coral Jelly. The Green Bean soup that I had was just right – not too sweet and soft enough.

Throughout the meal, we were constantly served Osmanthus Tea 桂花茶 which was fragrant and welcoming.

All in all, the bill came up to less than $15 per person for the 7 of us. I think the price is right and we are all happy to have tasted healthy yummy vegan food.

While it is relatively easy to find vegetarian food in Singapore, healthy and tasty ones that don’t kill your wallet are hard to find. While Bamboo House may not serve 100% organic food, serving healthy vegetarian meals is still a very good cause. According to PETA, going vegan is one of the most effective ways to fight global warming.

Let us lend support to eateries like Bamboo House while we can!


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