#1 Anticancer Veggies


Dr. Michael Greger (NutritionFacts.org) shows in this video which plant food (among 34 common vegetables) ranks high in restricting the growth of cancer cells in 8 common cancers.

The statistical video shows that the following two families of vegetables rank extremely high in their anti-cancer strengths:

– Cruciferous family (kale, broccoli, cabbage etc.)

– Allium/Onion family (chives, onion, garlic, leeks etc.)

Veggies in the Amaranth/Beet family (beetroot, spinach, quinoa etc.) do well too.

On the other hand, veggies that most people take (eg. carrots, potatoes, tomatoes) rank low in this aspect. So eating more of certain veggies does not necessarily mean living healthier. With cancer rates rising, it is wiser to include in our diet veggies that are anti-cancer as well.


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