Save the Punggol Strays – Dog Run (14 Jan 2012) @ Bishan Park

Increased urbanisation and development has led to the loss of habitat of the dogs which previously stayed in Punggol. To make way for new buildings, the authorities have been catching and culling dogs from Punggol.

On 14 Dec 2011, a jogger was attacked by a pack of dogs, sustaining superficial injuries. AVA thus stepped up their culling activities in Punggol.

Save The Punggol Stray Dogs Campaign was initiated by a group of volunteers who work together to save and rehome dogs work together with the AVA and authorities, and to improve the management of stray dogs in Singapore.

If you are looking for a pet dog, why not join the Dog Run today at Bishan Park Dog Run Area at 10:30 am to mingle with the dogs and hear their stories form the volunteers?

Read the story about Bacon – An Extremely Special Dog of how one special Punggol stray dog touched the heart of a volunteer who eventually kept it as a dear pet.


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