Dr. McDougall On Why A Vegan Diet Did Not Cause Steve Jobs To Die

Dr. John McDougall (a physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegetarian cuisine) wrote an article in his newsletter on what exactly caused Steve Jobs to die.

According to Dr. McDougall’s analysis, Steve Jobs’ cancer cells possibly began in his body and metastasized when he was in his twenties, when Jobs was exposed to carcinogens in the electronics industry, such as his working on frequency counters at HP plant, as well as soldering circuit boards in his early days in Apple.

Dr. McDougall dispelled the thinking that many people might have that Jobs’ life could have been prolonged if he had not delayed the surgery to remove his cancerous tumour and had not been on a strict vegan diet. While some people might “discount the importance of a healthy vegan diet” by the apparent paradox of Jobs’ strict vegan diet and that of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, who loves typical American fast food and is older, bigger and heavier, Dr. McDougall stated that:

The cause of his cancer was not due to his vegan diet. In fact, his healthy diet likely slowed the growth of his tumor, delayed the time of diagnosis, and prolonged his useful life.

At the pressure of his doctors’ advice to take more high quality protein, Jobs finally took eggs but it also did not help him in fighting off the cancer cells.

Neither Steve Jobs’ vegan lifestyle nor turning down surgery were the acts of an insane man. Rather both decisions demonstrate his rationality, genius, intuitiveness, and internal strength to stand up for what he knew to be right.

What could we have done to ward off cancer?

Dr. William Li of Angiogenesis Foundation (a nonprofit that is re-conceptualizing global disease fighting), gave a TED Talk on how eating antiangiogenic foods can help to starve cancer cells.

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

Refer to the link here for Dr. William Li’s list of antiangiogenic foods.

You would find that the all the foods listed in this list are non-meat, not even eggs are listed. This is another support of the fact that a healthy vegan diet can be helpful in fighting against illnesses such as cancer.


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