High Performance Natural Rubber Yoga Gear


Manduka – a popular premium brand of yoga gear offers skid-less mats that are absorbent are essentials for yoga practice. Not only that, their products are environmentally friendly as well.

Manduka’s high performance PRO mats are able to withstand the rigors of daily practice and with a firmness that resists bunching. The Manduka eKO mats have a sea-grass texture finish and cushioning that are kind to your body and the environment. The natural rubber mat uses toxic-free softening process and underwent Oeko-Tex certified, emissions-free manufacturing.

Manduka yoga gears include various mats, whether it is Manduka PRO series for heavy users or PROLite, eKOLite and SuperLite Travel Mats, Manduka has a mate for every purpose and use. Their yoga gear range also include towel mats, cork blocks, practice totes, BPA-free water bottles and mat washes.

Manduka yoga gears are now available at BGO Ecoshop (www.bgoecoshop.com).

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