Recycled Decor For The Home

Saw some posts on beautiful decor using recycled materials. I picked out those which I thought are really nice and clever, and novice like us can perhaps try out at home:

Light chandelier made of translucent empty Epson ink cartridge boxes:



Silkscreen printed tea towels with spring, seed and branch designs on natural linen fabric:

Image:  Jewelweeds


Wrench hooks made from reheated and bent vintage wrenches (okay, this one’s quite impossible to do without the right tools, but they are beautiful!):



Alphabet pillows made out of suit jackets:

Image:  Hilary Cosgrove


Have too much fabric lying around at home? Try these simple quilt coasters:

Image: rikrak


Picture frame made of scrap wood blocks:

Image: Chalecco

Creative use of chunky crates to turn them into stylish furnitures with industrial look. These creations were by Natymosko. Unfortunately the link to their etsy site is not functioning. Links below are where the images were taken.

Image: Casa Diseno

More recycled crates by Natymosko:

 Image: Crafty Crafty


Image: Box Life Book Cabinet



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