The Veg School

Kee Yew, the organiser for Organic Living Meetup in Singapore, has started The Veg School (TVS) with a group of enthusiasts keen on a vegetarian lifestyle.

It is rare and marvelous that a system of teaching is being put in place in educating about vegetarianism in Singapore. Please spread the word to any person you know who wants to learn more about healthy vegetarian diet.

This is a description of TVS:

The Veg School (TVS) is the first school in Singapore that brings systematic vegetarian education to broad public.

Here at TVS, we teach you how to adopt a healthy vegetarian diet, step-by-step.

Our courses integrate both theoretical and practical elements to help you learn effectively and to incorporate knowledge and skills into your life. This is so that you may reap the real benefits from your learning.

TVS is a non-religious entity that focuses on bringing quality living to you, via safe and healthy plant based diet education.

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