NutriHub – the organic fusion cafe

NutriHub organic vegetarian cafe (which has recently shifted to 46 Temple Street) is continuing their GSS promotion until the end of 31 August 2011!

Whether you are vegetarian or not, get nourished by meals at NutriHub. NutriHub is started by Ms. Vinitha Ang who worked as a nurse before and is now dedicated to organic food retail and education.

I recently had a healthy and filling lunch at NutriHub at their new place (which coincidentally is near to BGO’s eco stockist CHOOSE eco store).

I ordered a brown rice set and was too hungry then to take a picture of it for this blog post. Anyway, it was yummy and I overheard a customer commenting on a marvelicious avocado milk drink which she had had. Of course, I had to order that (apparently it was not on the menu that day).

It was avocado-y creamy which I like (soy milk was used instead of dairy milk) and they added organic chia seeds into the drink. Chia belongs to the mint family and its seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids (so you see, fish oils aren’t the only source of omega-3!). Of one of the health benefits of omega-3, evidently omega-3 fatty acids reduce the risk of secondary and primary heart attack. So I also bought a packet of chia seeds home to stir into cereals and milo drinks.

Besides dining in, NutriHub also offers Dine and Learn Workshops. These are their August class schedules and promotions:

Enjoy a FREE Organic Set Meal when you attend any of their classes.

Enjoy 10% discount for their Privilege / Corporate Member or those who registered for  2 to 3 classes.    

10% discount for group of 2 to 3 persons register for 1 workshop.

15% discount for group of 4 or more persons register for 1 workshop.


Sat 6 Aug   86   from 11am to 1pm

“Harmonising Your Body Energy”    能量课   ( $50 inclusive of meal)

Learn how to protect yourself from harmful Electromagnetic Field / Radiation.

Learn how to use Pendulum to check your body & food energy.

Learn how to harmonize your body energy with visualization technique and other methods.

Learn how to use Pendulum to do dowsing on your body / objects.


Sat 13 Aug   813   from 3pm to 5.30pm

“Nutrimeal Cooking TM – Series I”   营养餐烹饪课 I    ($60 inclusive of meal)

Learn how to prepare Simple, Nutritious & Healthy meal for your family. 

1.  Fruit Enzyme(水果酵素

2.  Polenta Brown Rice Porridge (糙米粥 

3. Herbal Mushroom 草药蘑菇)

4.  Chickpea Salad (埃及豆沙拉)


Sat 20 Aug   820   from 3pm to 5.30pm

 “Nutrimeal Cooking TM – Series II”   营养餐烹饪课 II  ($60 inclusive of meal)

Learn how to prepare Simple, Nutritious & Healthy meal for your family.

1.  Homemade Almond Oat Milk  (杏仁奶)      

2.  Vegan Korean Kimchi  (素食韩国泡菜)

3.  Eight Treasure Brown Rice (八宝糙米饭)    

4.  Five Spices Salad Tofu   (五香沙拉豆腐)

Sat 27 Aug   827   from 3pm to 5.30pm

“Raw like Cooked TM – Series II”    生食餐烹饪课 II   ($70 inclusive of meal)

Learn how to make Simple, Nutritious Raw Foods that looked like cooked as part of your diet

1.  NutriVegan Rojak                      

2.  Cashew nut Parmesan Cheese

3.  Crispbread without flour

4.  Asian Pizza Delight

NutriHub  also customizes workshops for individual / group / organization on weekday / weekend.

NutriHub also offers catering. You can view their menu at their blog.

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