Kampong Ubin Walk (30 July 2011)

This weekend, you can join the Nature Culture Guided Walks by Cicada Tree Eco-Place and take a stroll through parts of rural Ubin . Programme includes looking at what the locals grow in their backyards, from the herbs used as traditional medicines, to vegetables, wildflowers and fruit trees. Many of these are ‘old-fashion’ plants now no longer common, such as Sawtooth Coriander, Ceylon Spinach and Rambai. Durian trees abound on Ubin, with two fruiting seasons a year.

Date: Saturday, 30 July 2011,
9.00 am

Duration: 2 hrs

Trails: Mostly level earth paths and tar road. Suitable for all.

Walk fee:
  • $13 per person (adult or child), excluding bumboat ride.
  • The bumboat ride is $2.50 per person one way.
  • Minimum 20 pax for walk to go ahead.

Advance registration & payment is required.

For registration/enquiries, please email Celine Low at  contact@cicadatree.org.sg.

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