Make Your Own Recycled Note Pads

What do you do with those endless advertisement pamphlets stuck at your grill gate?

If they are only printed on one side, you can re-use the blank side for writing. Most of these pamphlets are A5 in size. I used to use a large clipper to clamp these A5 single-side printed pamphlets (A4 papers folded and cut into half make A5 size) as well as letters that can be re-used. But these soon turn to be untidy, big and bulky. I realised that A5 size note pads are too big for my own use and when it comes to papers smaller than A5, I used to clamp these together too. Soon the stack becomes really untidy.

I remember seeing a Japanese teacher making a neat-looking note pad using recycled papers in the office. It is a worthy thing to do judging by how many printed notices the teachers received!

It is very simple:

1. Cut the papers into an appropriate size that you like. Personally, I folded the A5 papers into half and trim all the papers slightly using a paper cutter to make them neat and tidy.

2. Firmly hold the stacked papers together, apply glue on one of the sides and stick a piece of small paper on the glued side.

3. Press and hold the glued side for a few minutes and trim off the paper. If the glue does not work well for you, you can use double-sided tape instead.

And there you are! A customised, beautiful and colourful recycled paper note pad for your home and office use.

My own note pads are now smaller, neater and they are broken into a few stacks so I can put a few stacks around the house for personal use or my child’s doodling.

We can all do these small green acts in our lives. Better still, involve your children in collecting or even cutting these recycled papers for you. This is an excellent chance for them to learn about and get their hands on conservation.


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