Staple-less Stapler For BGO Office

I finally laid my hands on a staple-less stapler. No more searching high and low for staples, pricking of fingers and hassle of taking out staples before chucking the papers out for recycling.

Modern day staples are made of zinc plated steel wires, so not to mention the eco-friendliness of cutting down on metal usage.

This staple-less staple is a Japanese brand, and the product is made in China.

It works by perforating a 6.5 mm by 4 mm hole (but not cutting it out entirely) when you punch, fold back the cut part and tuck it under a small incision made on the underside. Very clever and neat, like origami!

The instructions manual says it can punch about 4 pieces of paper together, depending on paper thickness. The hold will not be as strong as traditional wire staples but if you punched two holes at 90 degrees, the hold power will improve quite well.

I tried two punches on 4 pieces of paper, held them up by a piece and it works pretty well!

I actually find the extra punching enjoyable because they cunningly made a see-through window so that user can see the workings of the cutting blade.

And in true Japanese style, the very detailed instructions manual included a pictorial section on how to dismantle the stapler and sort the various parts for recycling, should you decide to throw it away eventually (I sure they last well!).

One thing to note is that one should only dismantle the stapler only for the purpose of discard, as it cannot be re-assembled back. I am not sure how long the blade will remain sharp before it is not usable anymore, but if it’ll be even better if the blade is removable. From what I see though, this cute mighty eco stapler should last quite a long while!

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