Recycled Papers in BGO Home Office

For quite a while, I have been on the look out for printable recycled papers to be used in our home office. As we refrain from printing as much as we can, we are looking at small quantity recycled papers that are easily bought off the shelves.

We had decided upon Muji’s A5 size recycled paper note pad and it has proven quite useful. The paper remains quite intact when we tear it off from the pad for printing. The size, though smaller than A4, is adequate for our printing use such as delivery note. And the colour of the paper (think slight brownish recycled paper) is really appealing.

Currently, we are also using Paper One A4-size printing papers that are made from 100% plantation fibre for most of our printing.

Lately, we discovered Besform A4 size recycled wood free paper that has 50% recycled fibre. This is just great, we will start using this paper too for needed A4 printing in our office.

If you know of other great green paper materials available, especially those of heavier weight and good for covers, let us know!


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