Why Is Hemp A Sustainable Plant?


One of BGO Ecoshop‘s new eco product is Earth Creations’ 100% hemp Shiver Shawl. This excellent shawl comes with a coconut ring and can be used in so many ways to keep you free from chills.

Why is hemp cloth considered a sustainable choice?

Hemp is a fast growing crop. It produces four times as much fibre per hectare as wood, and does so in a sustainable way. As a tightly planted crop, it crowds out and kills off weeds and therefore herbicides are not necessary.
Not only that, this hardy crop has many uses. It can be used for food, oil, cloth and other uses.

There is a public misconception of hemp as the industrial hemp is a close relative of marijuana. The primary difference is that the industrial hemp has very low concentration of the psychoactive chemical THC.
For more on this sustainable plant, please see this article on hemp sustainability.

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