organikVisne Organic Cotton Baby Bath, Bedding and Accessories

We are excited to include organikVisne Turkish-made organic cotton babies and children’s bath, bedding and accessories collection in our BGO Ecoshop.

Organik Visne’s promises:

Colorful clothes: 100% organic clothing can be colorful. organikVisne use natural dyes and water-based inks to create beautiful colors and prints.

No tags: There are no tags that may come in contact with your baby’s skin and cause irritation. Print tags are used instead. Hang tags, which provide care instructions, are made of recycled paper and tied to garment with 100% organic cotton threads.

No metals: All metals (including zippers and snaps) are eliminated or replaced with wooden buttons that are lock-stitched for your baby’s safety.

100% organic packaging: organikVisnes arrive in decorative 100% organic cotton bags which can be reused to organize your diaper bag or your baby’s closet.

Low carbon footprint: From the cotton boll to the final stitch, every organikVisne product is produced within a 100km radius in Izmir, Turkey.

Fair workplace conditions: organikVisnes are produced at a fair atelier under ethical and healthy workplace conditions.

Care for the environment: We recycle, recycle, recycle, reduce power consumption and minimize waste, so that we can leave behind a green and healthy eco-system for our children.

Visit our ecoshop now and view the organikVisne range!


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