RE:MAKE™ Pants – Turn Mum’s & Dad’s Tees Into Cool Pants!

These chic eco pants are transformed from Mummies’ and Daddies favourite old t-shirts.

Our first additions to our newly revamped and 300% green BGO EcoShop (!

You have probably heard of the Asian custom for young children to wear hand-me-downs (so that the child will grow up strong and healthy, just like the previous owner).

Well, we sure aren’t going to question that, especially from an eco viewpoint!

But we thought, wouldn’t it be even more meaningful and special if the hand-me-downs were reworked from Dad’s and Mum’s old t-shirts?

Not only will it be truly sustainable pants, your child will LOVE the soft, seasoned fabrics that are most probably scented with Daddy and Mummy’s special loving smell!

From big old tees to small chic eco pants, we call them BGO RE:MAKE™ pants.

See more works here.

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