Goodbye, 2010! What Have We Done?

Nearing the end of year 2010, we took stock of what we did for BGO by reviewing, on a month by month basis, our activities.

There were hits and misses, but overall, 2010 was a good year for us. We have done some decent work, and achieved results from some of these work.

We have come up with our own label organic t-shirts in white in the previous year, and launched our first series of BGO t-shirts (Dancing BunniesSnow MonkeyDiminishing Tiger) in January 2010. Not only that, we dedicate a dollar from the sale of these t-shirts to ACRES. Thank you all who have supported us, one way or another, in our cause!

We also have to thank our dear friend, Huiteng, from Hark Mission, who helped us with integrating our former website with Oscommerce earlier this year! Much as we love iWeb, which we used to create our former beautiful looking website, the integration really made our website up-keeping job simpler and more efficiently done. There were times when users experienced difficulties in shopping on our online site (we have to thank many of you who have emailed us to tell us that!) – fortunately, they weren’t that frequent. These were due to our migrating of sites which caused some areas overlooked. These have been resolved very soon.

We also have received more email enquiries. We were able to help some, while we hope to be able to help the others the next time.

We found more people interested to feature us –  welcome, welcome!

One of our proudest achievements this year was the many new partnerships we have made (Kanga Organics, Tiny Pants and Simply Living Lifeshop) that brought so many great eco products to BGO eco-store.

There are many more new and interesting partners to meet, products to introduce, be sure to check back our site! Better still, let us know what would you like to see on our eco-store!

As we seek blessings for ourselves and our loved ones in the coming new year, let us seek blessings for our beloved earth as well. May our earth be healed through our common efforts, and we attain balance and harmony within ourselves in the process of conservation.

Have a FANTASTIC year ahead, everyone!


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