On Levi’s Water<Less Jeans – Stone Wash/Acid Wash, Anyone?

Levi’s new Water< Less Jeans offers an eco finishing to a popular fashion item of all times – jeans. The company finds a more water-saving way of stone washing jeans – doing away with water at all in this process. This, combined with single wet process instead of multiple wet process, as well as ozone processing, is said to cut down water consumption by an average of 28% in their Water<Less line.

Why do we need stone washing in the first place? Stone washing allows what would be a stiff fabric (like denim) to soften and have a distressed look, which is what fashion dictates to be cool, especially in the 1980s. The downside of this finishing is that it is water-intensive as the fabrics have to go through several cycles of washing and pounding by the stones or pumice.

This reminds me of another finishing that is equally popular in the 80’s – acid wash. Acid wash refers to the treating of fabric using acid (chlorine!) to create a bleached look.

To the eco-conscious shopper, remember that the less finishings are done on a fabric, the more eco it is.

These finishings seek to change the texture and look in order to serve fashion needs. We just hope that brand manufacturers work with mills continuously to seek a more environmentally friendly and responsible way to do it.

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