BGO Partners With Kanga Organics

Really excited to have found and met up with like-minded business owners like Joey from Kanga Organics. Like me who founded BGO Singapore with the thought of providing affordable organic cotton tees to eco-shoppers in Singapore, Joey started her business with the same notion of providing affordable and truly organic and vegan skincare products.

Now, BGO friends can enjoy 10% discount from Kanga Organics when they purchase their Skin Blossom – Organic Bloom range, spa range Hawaiian Body Products and Nature Bags. All you need to do is to enter BGO SINGAPORE in remarks when you checkout.

Here’s a short writeup on Kanga Organics:

Kanga Organics – Affordable Organic Skincare Online Store brings you certified organic skincare range for the first time in Singapore.

Skin Blossom – Organic Bloom range from UK is certified organic by UK Soil Association and Vegan registered.

Handmade organic luxurious spa range Hawaiian Body Products from Hawaii uses organically or sustainably gorwn ingredients selected from the Hawaiian farmers. Hawaiian Body Products are carried by many renowned spas worldwide, and you can now create your own home spa experience with Kanga Organics’ wide variety of product ranges too.

For the eco-conscious fashionistas, check out the durable Natura Bag made with organic, sustainable JungleVine by the Khmu Villagers. Nature Bag is a poverty reduction project to help the Khmu Villagers live a better life.

Visit Kanga Organics’ website to find out more!

No minimum purchase but delivery terms and conditions applies.


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